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Body Butters & Shaving with Bare Indulgence
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Thick, long lasting
and capable of moisturizing
the driest skin.

Body Butters & Shaving with Bare IndulgenceBare Indulgence Body Butters

Body Butters & Shaving Butters

So easy to use, and as effective as our incredible lotions, our Body Butters rejuvenate your skin and pacify the soul with aromatherapy. And don’t forget your other “sole”! Our foot butters make covering the entire foot with moisturizing goodness a snap. And Baby needs Butter too! Check out our Baby Bum Butter and Mommy’s own Belly Butter. Who says Butter’s bad for us! Not Soapstones! Our Shaving Butters are so popular! Women especially love them as they seem to prevent ingrown hairs in those tender spots; eliminate the need for lotion after shaving (often messy and time-consuming!) and makes shaving rash-free! Smells marvelous too!

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