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Body Scrubs at Bare Indulgence
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Simplest of ingredients,
most intoxicating fragrances
and essential oils -

all that remains
is satiny skin.

Body Scrubs at Bare Indulgence

Blueberry Body ScrubBlueberry Body Scrub

Take a souvenir of Muskoka into the shower with Cottage Country's most sought after commodity, the scrumptious blueberry.

Clarifying Cucumber Facial Scrub Clarifying Cucumber Facial Scrub

Designed for those of us with excitable skin! We add PH-balancing baking soda and bracing cucumber oils to one of our most popular scrubs.

Cranberry Scrub Cranberry Scrub

This is a deeply sensuous Cranberry fragrance! It lingers on your skin like the sun on a warm Muskoka summer's day.

Creme Brule Body Scrub Creme Brule Body Scrub

We wanted to make the most decadent body glaze we could. One that would leave skin sexy and soft and utterly edible. Voila!


A blend of lemon, grapefruit, lime, and oranges can only be called by one name. This fragrance will energize and rejuvenate your body as you scrub away your tired skin.

Lavender & Chamomile Body Scrub Lavender & Chamomile Body Scrub

Gentle and healing enough to use as a facial scrub, these organically grown herbs are all the fragrance this glaze needs.

Mandarin Orange Body Scrub Mandarin Orange Body Scrub

A body scrub that energizes with snappy citrus as it removes dry skin? Absolutely!

Mocha Mud Body Scrub Mocha Mud Body Scrub

For the serious choco-holic! Coffee and chocolate combine to tighten skin and remove lines. Knockout fragrance, too! Keep it in the kitchen for the cook's hands. Removes onion, fish, and garlic smells perfectly!

Patchouli Body ScrubPatchouli Body Scrub

By special request we have brought you this deep, rich, floral fragrance in a scrub.

Pink Sugar Body ScrubPink Sugar Body Scrub

Like every other product we make with Pink Sugar, this one is stellar in it's staying power, warm as a summer's day, and promises to bring looks of approval! And, oh yeah! It really takes away the dry skin!

Pomegranate Body ScrubPomegranate Body Scrub

Mythically fruity and deeply sensuous, this fragrance hints at fall fairs and harvest dances.

Raspberry & Ginger Body Scrub Raspberry & Ginger Body Scrub

Our WOW fragrance! Made with fine white sugar, raspberry seeds, cocoa butter, glycerin, healing aloe vera, jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil and spicy ginger.

Vanilla Bean Body Scrub Vanilla Bean Body Scrub

The true vanilla bean is a wonder of nature. The fragrance of real vanilla transports one to a room warmed by a wood stove in forest, cookies cooling at the window. Inhale deeply!

White Tea and Ginger Body ScrubWhite Tea and Ginger Body Scrub

Notes of white tea soothing, quiet, and contemplative, while ginger adds an alluring hint of spice to your day.


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