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Bare Indulgence Gift Baskets

Bare Indulgence Bath Boutique Gift Baskets… Choose from one of our pre-made selections or let us create something personal just for you. Purchase these items by calling (905) 403-0007 - we ship or you can pick up at our store.

The Spa Gift Basket   The Serenity Gift Package
The Spa Gift Basket
A soothing collection of rejuvenating Bath Salts, calming Soy Candle, silky Hand and Body Lotion, moisturizing Hand Soap and an invigorating Body Scrub. Available in your favorite fragrance.  $59.95
  The Cranberry Spa Gift Pack
If you are crazy about SoapStones’ Cranberry & Honey line you will love this ultimate offering! This Zen inspired Spa Gift Pack includes, Massage Oil, Whole Body Scrub, Whole Body Wash, a Pure Soy Candle, Touch Roll-On Fragrance and Hand and Body Lotion, all tastefully arranged on River Rock. Continue to enjoy this classic vessel as a votive holder or a welcome addition to any bathroom décor.  $99.95
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Herring Bone Blanket Baby Basket   Three-Piece Swaddle Gift Basket
Herring Bone Baby Blanket Basket
This charming boy’s gift basket includes, Beba Bean’s Herring Bone Blanket (also available in pink and chocolate), a bottle of Monster Blaster… for things that go bump in the night, Bath Time for Baby (gentle baby wash), Nighty-Night Massage Oil… great for fussy babies and exhausted mommies and dads, Baby Bum Butter… Nature’s best oils and botanicals combined to reduce rashes,bumps and boo-boo’s, Cheeky Baby… natural baby cheek and lip protector and lastly a Beba Bean stuffed animal rattle.  $129.99
  Three-Piece Swaddle Gift Basket
This three-piece set from Beba Bean Design is made of eco-friendly bamboo and is accompanies by SoapStones’ very own Baby’s Bubble and Squeak Line, including, Baby Milk Bath, Sweet Cheeks Fragrance Free talcless powder, Nighty-Night Massage oil, Baby Bum Butter and Cheeky Baby natural Cheek and lip protector.

*Also Available in Blue for boys  $149.95
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Herring Bone Blanket Baby Basket   The Ultimate Home Gift Basket
Nuzzle Throw Baby Blanket Basket
The Nuzzle Throw Baby Blanket Basket – This plush nuzzle throw, Stuffed Lion and Pee-Pee Teepee are all Beba Bean Designs. In a convenient collapsible storage box with window card holder allows you to organize, name and/or label you’re your stuff. Accompanied by SoapStones’ Baby Bum Butter, Sweet Cheeks Fragrance Free talcless talc, Laundry Day Liquid Soap for baby, Belly Butter and Baby Milk Bath. *Also available in pink.  $169.95
  The Ultimate Home Gift Basket
This classic Hound’s Tooth print with belt buckle will double nicely as a magazine rack or a stylish spare toilet paper holder. It includes, a “Flower Shop” scented designer Pot Pourri, Dead Sea Bath Salt, SoapStones’ most luxurious answer to winter dry skin …Milk Bath, exfoliating Scrub-a-Dub with organic loofah, a silky Bath Bomb, moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion, Hand Soap, a Pure Soy Candle, Olive Oil Hand Soap, and Massage Oil. Definitely a complete gift for the entire home.  $189.95
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